Nominate Marie Yovanovitch for the Profiles in Courage award

2020 February 08

Something you can do: nominate Marie Yovanovitch for the JFK Profiles in Courage award. Ordinarily awards are for elected officials but they do make exceptions. Nominations are accepted until February 15. You are welcome to mimic what I wrote, below, so long as you do not copy it verbatim.

I nominate Yovanovitch for her anti-corruption activities and her testimony before Congress.

Yovanovitch fought corruption during her service as ambassador to Ukraine, making her a target of harassment from US and Ukrainian officials who were benefiting from this corruption. While at a ceremony honoring a murdered Ukrainian anti-corruption activist she received information about tangible threats to her safety and was evacuated to the US. Despite these ongoing threats and receiving specific orders to the contrary, she testified before Congress at the impeachment inquiry even when many other US officials refused to do so. Her testimony was vital to the public interest but caused her to face further intimidation, including from Trump, and led to her being forced out of the foreign service in January 2020 after an exemplary, award-winning, 30 year career.

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