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2022 April 12 · 700 words
Letting your cat choose where you sleep; 0 isn’t the additive identity in IEEE754 arithmetic; dates in Excel are even more of a disaster than you imagined; Italian 110% ‘superbonus’ subsidy on pro-environmental upgrades
2022 April 06 · 3000 words
‘Imagine you’re on a gameshow. There are three doors, behind one of which is a car–’ ‘You’re telling it wrong. There are three doors, behind one of which is a car.’
2022 April 05 · 3000 words
Absolute zero is the coldest possible temperature. So what does it mean for temperature to be negative?
2022 February 02 · 900 words
A review of what our team did in this year’s hunt
2022 February 01 · 4500 words
Healthcare workers rely on fit testing to select which N95 provides them the protection they need, but professional equipment can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. Can we do it cheaper?
2022 January 28 · 800 words
Letterlocking, a 700 year old privacy technique; using Goedel’s theorems to solve a geometry problem; non-transitive games; and the ‘mother of all demos’
2022 January 24 · < 500 words
Where I go to read in-depth reporting on the investigation into the Jan 6 insurrection
2021 June 12 · 800 words
First insurrectionist to plead guilty; what’s the deal with those fabric flaps on train seats?; Mississippi rules that citizens may not amend the constitution by ballot measure; slow motion footage of a Saturn V launch
2021 May 27 · 7500 words
Incidence of seasonal flu has plummeted more than 99% globally; the same tools we use to half-heartedly fight covid could defeat the flu. But we won’t win the fight if we never try.
2021 May 08 · 1000 words
Gravity follows the same force law as electric attraction, so what happens if we apply Maxwell’s laws to gravity? The result is a theory that almost works.
2021 April 29 · < 500 words
Lava threatens to destroy a thousand-year old rumored burial site – or is it just a pile of rocks?
2021 April 26 · 900 words
Numbers whose powers approach integers; making a website with pure svg; fooling an image classifier by just writing the wrong name on an object
2021 April 21 · < 500 words
2021 January 23 · 1200 words
2021 January 21 · 2000 words
‘Other rights, even the most basic, are illusory if the right to vote is undermined.’ My argument for equal rights for residents of DC.
2020 December 27 · 900 words
2020 December 21 · 5000 words
What’s the differences between the various covid vaccines, how do they work, and can the vaccine give you covid?
2020 December 02 · 600 words
Room-temperature superconductivity; disproving Fermat’s Last Theorem with bad C compilers; Ramadan in space
2020 November 19 · 1500 words
Integration by partial fractions is taught to first-year calculus students, whereas contour integration isn’t taught until complex analysis, but under the hood they use the same idea.
2020 October 26 · < 500 words
Senators who confirm new supreme court justices do not always represent the votes of the people: an analysis