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2023 September 22 · 1400 words
Algiers’ paradoxical name; a polynomial that took 80 years to discover; ChatGPT’s monty hall difficulties; and what is an angzarr anyway?
2023 February 17 · 1100 words
Best of the Beatles or Best bait-and-switch?; the limits of parity arguments for irrationality; how newer, higher performance subway cars in NYC caused slower service; the importance of streets vs roads vs stroads for urban planning; the OEIS once had an error in the Fibonacci sequence
2022 April 12 · < 500 words
Letting your cat choose where you sleep; 0 isn’t the additive identity in IEEE754 arithmetic; dates in Excel are even more of a disaster than you imagined; Italian 110% ‘superbonus’ subsidy on pro-environmental upgrades
2022 January 28 · 600 words
Letterlocking, a 700 year old privacy technique; using Goedel’s theorems to solve a geometry problem; non-transitive games; and the ‘mother of all demos’
2021 June 12 · 800 words
First insurrectionist to plead guilty; what’s the deal with those fabric flaps on train seats?; Mississippi rules that citizens may not amend the constitution by ballot measure; slow motion footage of a Saturn V launch
2021 April 26 · 900 words
Numbers whose powers approach integers; making a website with pure svg; fooling an image classifier by just writing the wrong name on an object
2020 December 02 · 600 words
Room-temperature superconductivity; disproving Fermat’s Last Theorem with bad C compilers; Ramadan in space
2020 October 18 · 800 words
Mosh pit phase transitions, did a black hole strike the Earth in 1908? (no), apples vs oranges
2020 August 12 · < 500 words
2019 December 01 · 1000 words