2020 October 18


Josh Rouse - Quiet Town (youtube, spotify)

Kishi Bashi - A Song for You (youtube, spotify)

Clint Mansell - Moon OST - Welcome to Lunar Industries (youtube, spotify)

Ayreon - Beneath the waves (youtube, spotify)

Borneo is the only island in the world to be divided between three different countries. The three-country cairn, the tripoint boundary of Norway, Sweden, and Finland, is a near example: the marker, located 10 meters from the shore of Lake Goldajärvi, is large enough for several people to stand on. Another debatable example is the island of Cyprus: while internationally recognized as solely the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, in practice control is divided between Cyprus, the Turkish-recognized state Northern Cyprus, the UN, and two British military bases.

Collective Motion of Humans in Mosh and Circle Pits at Heavy Metal Concerts: a paper modeling motions in a mosh pit as undergoing a phase transition between gas-like and vortex-like phases. “Qualitatively, this phenomenon resembles the kinetics of gaseous particles, even though moshers are self-propelled agents that experience dissipative collisions and exist at a much higher density than most gaseous systems. To explore this analogy quantitatively, we watched over 10^2 videos containing footage of moshpits on”

The Great Panjandrum was a World War II weapon consisting of one ton of explosives mounted on rocket wheels, intended for breaching the fortifications of the Atlantic Wall. While the weapon never entered combat, it did manage to repeatedly endanger the lives of spectators to its many iterations of tests:

Then a clamp gave: first one, then two more rockets broke free: Panjandrum began to lurch ominously. […] Hearing the approaching roar he looked up from his viewfinder to see Panjandrum, shedding live rockets in all directions, heading straight for him. As he ran for his life, he glimpsed the assembled admirals and generals diving for cover behind the pebble ridge into barbed-wire entanglements. Panjandrum was now heading back to the sea but crashed on to the sand where it disintegrated in violent explosions, rockets tearing across the beach at great speed.

The Tunguska event was an explosion in remote Siberia in 1908 commonly attributed to a meteor. While it is the largest impact in recorded history, it left no impact crater, and the cause of the explosion has not been definitively established. This 1973 paper explores the possibility that it could have been caused by a tiny black hole passing through the Earth. The exit would have taken place around the North Atlantic, but there is no known evidence of an exit explosion similar to the entry.

Not only is it easy to compare apples and oranges, but “it is apparent … that apples and oranges are very similar”, according to a 1995 paper by Scott Sandford in the Annals of Improbable Research. A larger, readable version of figure 2 can be found here.

Skolem’s paradox: it is possible to prove within first-order ZFC that there exists an uncountable set; but the Löwenheim-Skolem theorem shows there exists a model of ZFC within which all sets are countable.

While the British government never granted a “licence to kill”, they did issue licenses to crenellate.


Feeling galvanized to vote in the upcoming election? You should know: the word galvanize comes from the Italian scientist Luigi Galvani due to his experiments in animating dead animals by electrifying them. Just say no to animating the dead to vote! This and other interesting facts I learned from this video on the origin of the word “battery”; lots of other excellent science history can be found on that channel.

Two Mitchell and Webb skits which are about themselves: Behind the scenes: the script and The man with the wig skit.

The evolution of bacteria when exposed to antibiotics.


Rib vortices behind a breaking ocean wave. I wasn’t able to find a satisfactory explanation for what causes them, but here are some more pictures, and below is an excellent video of one:

Boiling Lake, a constantly boiling (or near-boiling) lake in Dominica. The gasses emerging in the middle of the lake come from a fumarole somewhere underwater. The area is hazardous due to noxious, volcanic gas and small jets of invisible steam. Source of the above image and others.


(Most likely the movie description was edited later. All of the reviews on imdb are bots except one human giving it one star. The only evidence of it on youtube is a trailer that appears to be made for a different movie by a different indie studio.)

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