2016 October 07
originally posted on facebook

Leaked video of former US Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon talking with Mormon leaders (the Mormon “apostles”) reveals details I find disturbing:

This is part of a larger series of leaked videos of Mormon leaders, another of which features the only time I’ve heard “homosexual agenda” used seriously.




*In several places the term “temple recommend” is used. This is approval to receive the endowment [1] ceremonies, and indicates a Mormon member in good standing. In the endowment, members swear [2] to dedicate everything, including their lives, to the church. Until 1990 the ceremony included specific oaths [3] to sooner kill oneself than reveal details of the ceremony. Until the 1930s the ceremony included a specific oath [4] to take vengeance on the US for the death of Joseph Smith. Mormons believe that only those who have undergone endowment are admitted to (the highest circle of) heaven.

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