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2020 October 08 · < 500 words
2020 March 03 · < 500 words
2019 November 17 · < 500 words
Here is an excellent timeline of past and future impeachment hearings in the house:
2019 November 07 · < 500 words
We’ve all seen how the executive branch has been gutted of qualified people from the top-down, with agency heads vowing to destroy their own agencies and senior-level officials with decades of experie
2019 October 23 · < 500 words
In a dramatic new low for US Congress, 30 Republicans raided the confidential Laura Cooper hearing, bringing electronic devices into a secured area where none are permitted. Here is a photo of Alex Mo
2019 October 04 · < 500 words
2019 September 18 · < 500 words
2019 September 16 · 700 words
Something you can do right now: Public comments are being solicited on a proposed federal rule that would remove many existing restrictions on government contractors from discriminating on the basis o
2019 September 03 · < 500 words
George Mason: “The President ought not to have the power of pardoning, because he may frequently pardon crimes which were advised by himself. … if he has the power of granting pardons before indictm
2019 July 31 · < 500 words
“In your otherwise beautiful poem, one verse reads, ‘Every minute dies a man, Every minute one is born;’ I need hardly point out to you that this calculation would tend to keep the sum total of the wo
2019 July 23 · < 500 words
2019 July 15 · < 500 words
Observations and predictions of global temperatures under the four main emissions scenarios considered by the IPCC.
2019 June 15 · < 500 words
Division of three for cardinals without the axiom of choice. Formally, given 3x = 3y, the goal is to prove that x = y. (With the axiom of choice, you can prove that x = 3x for any infinite cardinal x,
2019 May 15 · < 500 words
Seen in the index of a book: “Bears, combats with, 15, 26, 62, 75, 78, 90, 95, 106, 113, 118, 154, 169, 181, 188, 207, 213, 216; two men killed by a bear, 62; the crew made ill by eating a bear’s live
2019 May 12 · < 500 words
“Knife money” was used for much of 400 years in ancient China until round coins were finally invented. (Before, and concurrent, with knife money was “spade money” which were bronze shovelheads, usuall
2019 May 03 · < 500 words
There is a peer-reviewed paper for which this is the sole figure:
2019 April 24 · < 500 words
Fun fact: The cornea receives most of its oxygen directly from the air. The cornea’s endothelium actively pumps water out of the cornea, but its metabolic activity is reduced at night because it has l
2019 April 21 · < 500 words
NHC’s post-season analysis of the 2018 hurricane season upgraded Hurricane Michael to category 5, but their report on Michael incorrectly gave context for its strength. They write: “In terms of wind
2019 April 21 · < 500 words
More Mueller report commentary: 1. Volume 2 of the report has been condensed into one handy chart by an editor of Lawfare: Note that “nexu
2019 April 19 · < 500 words
Best quote from the Mueller report: ’[Trump] then asked, “What about these notes? Why do you take notes? Lawyers don’t take notes. I never had a lawyer who took notes.” McGahn responded that he keeps
2019 April 02 · < 500 words
Chess site “lichess” does not properly validate chess games imported into the site in pgn notation. This permits odd behavior such as moving into check (but only if the king itself is moved) or promot
2019 March 29 · < 500 words
Quote from a recent Supreme Court decision regarding a case in which a judge with the deciding vote died before the court’s decision was announced: “Because Judge Reinhardt was no longer a judge at th
2019 March 12 · 500 words
A college admission cheating ring involving 50 people was busted. From the indictment’s affidavit: “Caplan: if somebody catches this, what happens? Cooperating Witness 1: The only one who can catch it
2019 February 24 · < 500 words
In 1971 the proof below was given that x3 + 117y3 = 5 has no integer solutions, using some difficult computations in the field $\mathbb Q(\sqrt[3]{117})$. In 1973 it was observed that the equati
2019 February 21 · < 500 words
In exciting news today, the Supreme Court ruled that the states may not take “excessive” civil forfeiture (it was already unconstitutional for the federal government to do so). Every year the federal
2019 February 13 · < 500 words
This is old news, but I only just found out: in 2017 a neutron star merger was observed by both gravitational and electromagnetic waves! Aside from the usual confirmations, in particular this confirme
2019 January 23 · < 500 words
Today I wrote a python program called “” that writes a lua program that writes a python program.
2018 December 13 · < 500 words
(See previous post) After Democrats won every state-wide election in Wisconsin, the Republican controlled legislature rushed into law hundreds of pages of new legislation to cripple the executive bra
2018 December 13 · 900 words
Context and comments to follow: “I would first invite the committee to perk up a little bit. If this is a long day you’ve had an easy life, because there are Wisconsinites who’ve been on their feet w
2018 December 02 · < 500 words
Evidence of systematic election fraud has been found in the North Carolina 9th House district. Multiple voters have given sworn affidavits that they witnessed improper election behavior, including the
2018 October 25 · < 500 words
Infrared image of Category 5 Yutu as it struck the US earlier today. <
2018 October 13 · < 500 words
In 2010, the Catholic church excommunicated a nun for authorizing an abortion at a Catholic hospital where she worked as an administrator. (The woman who received the abortion would have died without
2018 October 01 · < 500 words
Some researchers at Penn State in the 90s decided that using nuclear bombs for spacecraft propulsion (“Project Orion”) was not a crazy enough idea, and proposed igniting the nuclear bombs with *antima
2018 September 19 · < 500 words
2018 August 22 · < 500 words
Big oil asks government to protect it from climate change
2018 August 22 · < 500 words
Just read Cohen’s plea agreement. In addition to the well-publicized campaign finance violations, he admitted to underpaying $1.5 million in taxes and lying to a bank to illegally obtain loans. The ag
2018 August 17 · < 500 words
“A bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1.00 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?” According to the study below, around 5% to 40% of respondents gave the answer “5 cents”, v
2018 August 05 · < 500 words
I saw a paper that used the symbol \theta_{\beta_{k + 2}^{-1} (j_{**})}^{M, n}: θβk + 2−1(j**)M, n
2018 August 04 · < 500 words
Prior to 2000, civilian GPS had an intentional error of about 100 meters… except during the 1991 Kuwait War, when the US military didn’t have enough military GPS receivers, so they turned off the er
2018 July 02 · < 500 words
Of the 300000 documents seized in the raid on Michael Cohen, only 7 were found to be subject to attorney-client privilege related to Cohen being an attorney. So, while Trump has characterized Cohen as
2018 July 01 · < 500 words
The early Earth produced somewhat more geothermal heat, before most of the initial heat of formation was dissipated and short-lived radioactive isotopes depleted. This made possible higher temperature
2018 June 15 · < 500 words
On the subject of people pardoning themselves, in 1856 the governor of Washington Territory pardoned himself of a $50 fine he was levied by territorial judge Edward Lander for the offense of having La
2018 June 05 · < 500 words
Until radar observations in 1965, Mercury was believed to be in 1:1 tidal locking with the Sun instead of 3:2 because Mercury could be only be observed optically every other Mercury year. Thanks to t
2018 May 23 · < 500 words
Cambridge friends: on June 1-14, Somerville Theater will be showing “2001: A Space Odyssey”. If you are interested in joining me, let me know! Fun fact: Hal’s eye was a working camera which was used
2018 May 17 · < 500 words
In 1770 it was proven that every positive integer is a sum of at most four perfect squares (and no fewer suffices). In 1912 it was proven that every positive integer is a sum of at most 9 positive cub
2018 April 04 · < 500 words
Just listened to the latest Opening Arguments podcast on the latest legal jeopardies of Trump: 1. The Stormy Daniels case was moved to federal court, but in so doing Trump effectively admitted in cou
2018 April 04 · < 500 words
I thought I was unique but apparently I’m not even the only person named Eric from Indiana who wrote a roguelike game in Haskell!
2018 March 27 · < 500 words
Something I learned today: every meaning of the English word “check” (e.g. to verify against a list, to limit, to block in sports, a money order, a restaurant bill) ultimately comes from “checkmate” i
2018 March 23 · < 500 words
Current Stormy Daniels status/updates: 1. The $130k settlement was ultimately paid by the Trump campaign (and laundered through the Trump organization through a series of 5 payments marked eg “Facili
2017 December 23 · < 500 words
Sexual abuse facilitator Cardinal Bernard Law, of the Boston Archdiocese, died two days ago and received honorable funeral rites in the Vatican. “We highly doubt there is a single victim of abuse who
2017 December 12 · < 500 words
“The worst result in a simultaneous [chess] exhibition given by a master occurred in 1951, when International Master Robert Wade gave a simultaneous exhibition against 30 Russian schoolboys, aged 14 a
2017 November 01 · < 500 words
It is illegal in the UK to own a document with information likely to be useful to a terrorist. In 2012, Ruksana Begum was sentenced to one year in jail for having copies of two issues of an al-Qaida m
2017 October 31 · < 500 words
Today I learned that some of our most used punctuation dates back to ~200 BC, preceding the popularization of lower-case letters or having spaces between words by about 1000 years. The period, comma,
2017 October 31 · < 500 words
Today is the 500th anniversary of Reformation Day, marking when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses that eventually led to the protestant reformation. It’s not often you get to celebrate a 500th annive
2017 September 04 · < 500 words
Two interesting sequences: Gijswijt’s sequence contains every positive integer, but grows so slowly that the first 5 appears around term 101023. The Golomb sequence grows asymptotically at a r
2017 August 10 · < 500 words
Near Xenon’s critical point at 58 atm and 17 C, Xenon gas has a density of 1100 kg / m3, greater than liquid water at those conditions. So what happens if you try to float liquid water on Xenon gas
2017 July 13 · < 500 words
In all the talk about Trump Jr’s soliciting Russian help, there is another story I have not seen discussed: Peter Smith, Republican operative close to Flynn and member of shell company “KLS research”
2017 June 01 · < 500 words
Today I learned that there is a layer of sodium at an altitude of ~100 km in the Earth’s atmosphere caused by meteors. <
2017 May 24 · < 500 words
In yesterday’s press briefing, White House OMB director Mick Mulvaney uses the word “compassion” five times to refer to the proposed cuts to food stamps and social security disability. “We’re no long
2017 May 14 · < 500 words
“They lifted half a city block […] and an estimated all in weight including hanging sidewalks of thirty five thousand tons. Businesses operating out of these premises were not closed down for the li
2017 May 12 · < 500 words
Seen in a math textbook: “This is all one needs to check that T(x) is metrically transitive, and this is entirely trivial.1” Footnote: “1Here I was carried away by a burst of inexplicable optim
2017 May 05 · < 500 words
“we would estimate that stripping insurance from 24 million people would produce an estimated 24,000 additional deaths annually. That is 40% more than the sum total of all murders” [The Guardian](htt
2017 April 20 · < 500 words
In classical electromagnetism, we usually think of the electric fields and magnetic fields as the fundamental objects of study, in the sense that if you know the fields at the location of interest, yo
2017 March 21 · < 500 words
Today I learned that an acre-inch per hour is almost exactly equal to a cubic foot per second. Who said US units are hard?
2017 March 07 · < 500 words
Until today (or maybe late yesterday), listed Obama as the current president at the following link (it now lists Trump). I’ve been checking everyday since this was brought to my attenti
2017 January 29 · < 500 words
“Republicans don’t look at polls and think”we need to moderate our platform because Americans don’t support starving the poor to death, and we’ll get negative media coverage”; they work hard over the
2017 January 20 · < 500 words
“Lemma 0.3. Let S be a Scheme. Let X be a scheme and X is an affine open covering. Let 𝒰 ⊂ 𝒳 be a canonical and locally of finite type. Let X be a scheme. Let X be
2017 January 12 · < 500 words
“Extrapolating from present information, …probably… it will be shown in the future that average American adults experience a variety of significant physiological and intellectual dysfunctions caus
2017 January 07 · < 500 words
With the worldwide banning of leaded gasoline and the banning of leaded paint in the US and EU, I was under the impression that chronic environmental exposure to lead was largely a thing of the past.
2017 January 01 · < 500 words
I think 2016 will be (and should be) remembered for two things: the putative discovery of the 9th planet in the solar system, and the announcement of the first observation of gravitational waves. [Yo
2016 November 06 · < 500 words
Floridian friends- In 2000, at least 991 Nader supporters in Florida pledged to vote for Al Gore in exchange for Gore supporters in other states voting for Nader. These vote swaps very nearly decided
2016 October 30 · < 500 words
2016 October 20 · < 500 words
I’ve seen many people state that they find the flaws in both major party candidates so troubling that they cannot in good conscience vote for either one. They have a point. That’s why I, as a single i
2016 October 18 · < 500 words
Today I read an economics paper: “Japan’s Phillips Curve Looks Like Japan”.
2016 October 07 · < 500 words
Leaked video of former US Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon talking with Mormon leaders (the Mormon “apostles”) reveals details I find disturbing: - he repeatedly, explicitly states that his loyalty* to
2016 August 18 · < 500 words
My favorite fact in elementary number theory is that odd primes can be written as a sum of two squares if and only if they are congruent to 1 modulo 4. This has been known since 1634 and proven (by Eu
2016 August 14 · < 500 words
I ran into a very interesting (and fairly readable) paper that demonstrates remarkable algorithms for (1) finding the maximum of a continuous function on the real interval [0, 1] and (2) integrating a
2016 August 08 · < 500 words
Here’s a cool (and very simple) data structure I just learned about that takes advantage of uninitialized memory to use less time than space!
2016 July 05 · 1100 words
2016 June 29 · < 500 words
Some adjectives used to describe certain types of cardinal numbers, according to Wikipedia: small; large; worldly; inaccessible; hyper inaccessible; reflecting; totally indescribable; unfoldable; shr
2016 June 24 · < 500 words
For every prime p > 1075, there exists an infinite group whose nontrivial subgroups each have p elements. There is no such group for p = 2 or p = 3. [Wikipedia](
2016 April 08 · < 500 words
This morning I wrote a Newton fractal generator: Wikipedia
2016 April 07 · < 500 words
A quick exercise in L’Hopital’s rule: compute the derivative of W((x2+x−1)e(x−1)) at x = 0, where W is the Lambert W function. The derivative of W is given by: $$ =
2016 March 07 · < 500 words
Today I fixed a bug in my lua code by adding the lines: if x == 0 then x = 0 end if y == 0 then y = 0 end Turns out lua has a “negative zero”, which is equal to zero
2016 March 04 · < 500 words
I have on occasion recommended the excellent book Governing the Commons by Elinor Ostrom (Nobel prize winner in economics, and the only woman to have done so), most especially to those interested in t
2016 February 22 · < 500 words
A handful of you may remember a lecture I taught on the J programming language way back at Caltech. Here is an interesting 1975 tutorial on APL, “A Programming Language”, which was the predecessor of
2016 February 03 · < 500 words
I made a computer in a computer game. Wanted to do this with Dwarf Fortress a while ago but never got far (and that’s been done several times already), maybe I’ll return to that someday. <https://www
2016 January 21 · < 500 words
A new Mersenne prime and a new planet? What a week! “it was sent to the four most renowned Australian number theorists. They were asked to work on it for six hours. None of them could solve it in thi
2015 December 26 · < 500 words
2015 November 23 · < 500 words
Wikipedia Wikipedia [Wikipedia](
2015 October 05 · < 500 words
Visualizations of data from a neutrino detector – very cool Picture of the sun taken at night by the above neutrino detector
2015 October 01 · < 500 words
In PHP: >>> 0x0 +2 4 >>> 0x0 +3.5 6.5 >>> 0x0 +2e1 757 especially see 1, 3, 7, 13, and 15
2015 September 25 · < 500 words
“Turns out this is not Brady’s first water glass heist. He also took the glass used by President Obama at his first inauguration.” [Washington Post](
2015 September 12 · < 500 words
Fun fact: the sum of 1/(ab)2 over all relatively prime pairs of positive integers a, b is rational. This is not true if you remove the “relatively prime” restriction. Short proof… that sum e
2015 August 17 · < 500 words
For the second time this year, Lenovo is found to ship computers with malware preinstalled. This time it is a rootkit in the bios that replaces a Windows system executable with one which (on boot) ins
2015 August 08 · < 500 words Very interesting analysis, I think I got this link from Sam E. Be sure to check out the paper mentioned in section IV: <h
2015 August 03 · < 500 words
I learned recently that pre-main sequence stars (those fueled by their own gravitational collapse) are typically much brighter, by up to an order of magnitude, than their successor main sequence stars
2015 July 12 · < 500 words
“Father Gary Thomas, pastor at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Saratoga, Calif., and the exorcist for the Diocese of San Jose, said he has seen notable improvements after exorcising homes and when he
2015 June 24 · < 500 words
“The Hague District Court has ruled today that the State [of the Netherlands] must take more action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands. The State also has to ensure that the Dut
2015 June 13 · < 500 words
2015 April 21 · < 500 words
Measurements of the gravitational constant vary sinusoidally:
2015 February 23 · < 500 words
Since September, Lenovo has been shipping laptops with pre-installed malware that spies on all network activity – including encrypted – and sends it to a remote server under the guise of injecting t
2015 February 04 · < 500 words
After careful examination of the discography of Korean pop group 4Minute I have determined that they should be renamed 3Minute19Second (with a standard deviation of 40 seconds).
2015 January 01 · < 500 words
A brief glimpse into the insightful mind of Darwin, and of some of the very beginnings of statistics. “Fisher’s analysis was only possible because Darwin had designed his experiment so well. In fact,
2014 December 10 · < 500 words
“If Obama had written”moveForward(“three steps”);“, the program would have failed, offering only a cryptic error message and exposing the president to the near-perpetual state of frustration most sof
2014 December 02 · < 500 words
It seems clear in retrospect, but apparently the limiting factor that determines the size of the outer solar system is tidal effects due to the Milky Way. It turns out we can calculate the upper limit
2014 November 13 · < 500 words
“Mr. Obama announced that the United States would emit 26 percent to 28 percent less carbon in 2025 than it did in 2005. […] China’s pledge to reach peak carbon emissions by 2030, if not sooner, is
2014 October 07 · < 500 words
The Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded yesterday to those who discovered, in 2005, the existence of “grid cells” in the brain. These cells help animals keep track of their position in space… using
2014 September 23 · < 500 words
So I’ve learned that rogue planets have actually been discovered (2 to 7 of them, the first confirmed in 2013). All of them are very large (sub-brown dwarfs) and young, and so warm enough to be seen d
2014 September 21 · < 500 words
NYT [The Atlantic](
2014 September 06 · < 500 words
The Minamata Convention, if it takes effect (which it looks like it will), would (among other provisions) ban all mining of mercury almost world-wide around 2020. So I guess mercury recycling is going
2014 August 10 · < 500 words
Japan’s anti-nuclear hysteria seems a lot less hysterical now that I’ve read a bit about Japan’s rather spotty nuclear safety record and history of government cover-ups. Global accidents in the last t
2014 July 28 · < 500 words
Apparently there is no road link between North and South America. The first time anyone drove between the two continents was in 1987, taking more than two years at the rate of 1 mile per week. It had
2014 June 23 · < 500 words
In comparison to other sources of energy, nuclear power may as well be magic, and it baffles me that many environmentalists continue to oppose it. Here is an open letter from four leading climate scie
2014 May 25 · < 500 words
“NextGen Climate will spend about $100 million this year to influence several Senate and governor’s races in which climate change could play a major role.” [NYT](
2014 May 17 · < 500 words
Apparently North Korea has its own OS. Wikipedia Also, for only $68 you can purchase an SD card with 32 GB of storage, a wireless connection, and runs a w
2014 May 09 · < 500 words
I wasn’t expecting Flight of the Bumblebee performed on the organ to mean the feet… (see inset). Also, the oldest documented permanent organ installation was in 1361, with three manuals and a pedalb
2014 March 30 · < 500 words
2014 March 28 · < 500 words
“Russian Elections: An Oxymoron of Democracy” The pdf link below has been doing the rounds, and Figure 1 gives a very nice visualization
2014 March 21 · < 500 words
After having heard the news that some hundreds of migrant construction workers are believed to have died in Qatar in preparations for the 2022 world cup, I learned that the consultants hired by FIFA t
2014 February 27 · < 500 words
“A space in the indiscrete topology is like an enormous room. Everyone is lumped together, and nobody is housed off. In fact, the indiscrete topology is the most un-housed-off topology there is.” -Mat
2014 February 24 · < 500 words
“parent Jennifer Reynolds said she sees the computers as […] part of a move to have students ‘indoctrinated of the concepts of global warming, evolution, defaming the Founders.’” <
2014 February 13 · < 500 words
Mathematics made difficult: A handbook for the perplexed “Are any two numbers comparable? Objection. The kinds of comparison - the absolute, compara
2014 January 26 · < 500 words
2014 January 13 · < 500 words
“In 1952, the logician Leon Henkin flipped Gödel’s idea around and asked about a sentence in the language of arithmetic that says: ‘This sentence is provable.’ He asked: is this provable or not? The a
2014 January 12 · < 500 words
Here’s a generalization of a puzzle about logic gates I posted in July, which (if you are one of the roughly two people who solved it) neatly explains how the puzzle works. (The original source I saw
2013 November 14 · < 500 words
“The redistricting decisions of which DOJ complains were motivated by partisan rather than racial considerations, and the plaintiffs and DOJ have zero evidence to prove the contrary.” <
2013 October 26 · < 500 words
Today I learned the Netherlands has the world’s first suspended bicycle roundabout. (Unfortunately the last time I was in Eindhoven it had not been built yet….) {
2013 October 10 · < 500 words Someone took a 1993 government report, extracted various diagram and quotes, and put them them together with creepy music in a video. The result is… interesting. I am c
2013 October 01 · < 500 words
“Earlier in his presidency, Mr. Obama made the catastrophic mistake – in the face of just this sort of extortion – to believe in Mr. Boehner’s willingness to be reasonable.” The Republicans have bee
2013 August 19 · < 500 words
2013 June 11 · < 500 words
The third-closest known star system to the Sun was discovered only 3 months ago. Wikipedia
2013 June 04 · < 500 words
Random things I ran into on wikipedia… “Nearly any fluid can be used to create an acoustic event horizon, but the viscosity of most fluids creates random motion that makes features like Hawking radi
2013 June 02 · < 500 words
I am prepared to believe (though I have not heard an adequate explanation of the fact) that in general relativity, an infinite universe homogeneously filled with mass will tend to contract. In A Brief
2013 May 21 · < 500 words
This article just gets more ridiculous the further you read… “The station gathered a panel of clergy specialising in exorcisms who scrutinised the footage and concluded that the pope had performed a
2013 May 03 · < 500 words
“Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) said in 2010 that he opposed action on climate change because ‘the Earth will end only when God declares it to be over.’ He is the chairman of the Subcommittee on Environment
2013 May 02 · < 500 words
Let’s play… identify the city from its satellite picture! (To get the highest zoom, click on the icon in the upper right of each picture.) Total population between all the pictures is roughly 333 mi
2013 April 25 · < 500 words
“Stonewall took place in 1969, and as of last week the Supreme Court was still trying to decide if gay people should be allowed to marry each other. If the climate movement takes that long, we’ll be r
2013 April 17 · < 500 words
“Which is to say: To form accurate beliefs about something, you really do have to observe it. It’s a very physical, very real process: any rational mind does ‘work’ in the thermodynamic sense, not jus
2013 April 13 · < 500 words
A detailed report on why cap and trade legislation failed in congress (specifically the Senate), in particular compared to health care reform which succeeded. Key points: * Need for strong, broad pop
2013 April 02 · < 500 words
“Paper and Pencil: a Lightweight WYSIWYG Typesetting System” (page 88)
2013 March 27 · < 500 words
“perhaps even the single best thing written about climate change for a general audience” This book, What We Know About Climate Change, is entirely non-technical, while remaining lucid, informative, a
2013 March 27 · < 500 words
“Our limit applies to a person out of the sun, in gale-force winds, doused with water, wearing no clothing, and not working.” Using purely thermodynamic considerations of the absolute limit of the hu
2013 March 15 · < 500 words
“what appears to the public as the United States Constitution is not the complete document” <
2013 March 04 · < 500 words
“Smullyan has argued forcefully that Tarski’s undefinability theorem deserves much of the attention garnered by Gödel’s incompleteness theorems.” [Wikipedia](’s_un
2013 March 03 · < 500 words
Long story short, republicans have no interest in any compromise with Obama. Not that this surprises anyone who remembers Senate Minority Leader’s “the single most important thing we want to achieve i
2013 February 19 · < 500 words
Didn’t realize this was satire until the third paragraph…. The New Yorker Things that
2013 February 15 · < 500 words
“Richard Hamming suggests that you ask yourself three questions: 1. What are the most important problems in your field? 2. Are you working on one of them? 3. Why not? […] Hamming used to go around
2012 December 12 · < 500 words
“his brains could revolve inside a peanut shell for a thousand years without touching the sides” - New Zealand Wikipedia
2012 December 01 · < 500 words
“On Feb. 8, 2011, just as the Arab Spring was reaching a crescendo, the government in Damascus suddenly reversed a long-standing ban on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the Arabic vers
2012 December 01 · < 500 words
A unique perspective.. “I supported George W. Bush in 2000, and many close friends served in high-level administration positions. I was especially close to the Council of Economic Advisers and often w
2012 November 29 · < 500 words
“Beijing even funded the non-existent party’s newspaper, De Kommunist, which was written entirely by Dutch secret service agents.” [The Guardian](
2012 November 26 · < 500 words
Apparently x-rays are visible to the naked eye. Wikipedia
2012 November 22 · < 500 words
2012 November 19 · < 500 words
“Robert Grubbs, an American who shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2005, says he eats chocolate whenever possible. […] Grubbs’ countryman, Eric Cornell, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 20
2012 November 09 · < 500 words
2012 September 17 · < 500 words
“‘I think all political philosophies can be rated on (1) How stupid they are and (2) How evil they are,’ said celebrated economist C.B. Francois, who headed the panel of experts responsible for the ch
2012 September 03 · < 500 words
“There is even an early disagreement over the question of what type of warning - if any - the guards would give before firing their weapons. The guards, who follow the inspectors everywhere, are real
2012 August 29 · < 500 words
Just arrived in Nottingham! Pop quiz, which one of the following can /not/ be found on my tourist map of Nottinghamshire: Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Attenborough, Gallstone, Gotham, Melbourne, North Leverton
2012 July 07 · < 500 words
Penn. House Majority Leader admits that increased regulations on abortion facilities are intended to decrease availability of abortion services and that voter ID laws in PA are intended to disenfranch
2012 June 01 · < 500 words
A remarkable collection of unique chess problems (with solutions). Problems 3, 4, 6, and 10 are easier.
2012 May 08 · < 500 words
“In your otherwise beautiful poem, one verse reads, ‘Every minute dies a man, Every minute one is born;’ I need hardly point out to you that this calculation would tend to keep the sum total of the wo
2012 April 14 · < 500 words
There is at least one true sentence in this puzzle, and the last such is sentence 2. The number of true sentences in this puzzle is even if and only if you index from 0. There is more than one consist
2012 March 31 · < 500 words
This is still under investigation, so the full story is as yet unclear and not all the pieces have been verified. <
2012 March 10 · < 500 words
I was stuck on my work and it was getting late so I took a break to write a Markov chain text generator and trained it in four languages. Voilà: help you remember i went the weeks when it was when my
2011 June 16 · < 500 words
Two of the most useful resources for functional programming are this vaguely titled website and “Purely Functional Data Structures” by Chris Okasaki, which may be the best computer science book I’ve r