2017 January 20
originally posted on facebook

“Lemma 0.3. Let S be a Scheme. Let X be a scheme and X is an affine open covering. Let \mathcal U \subset \mathcal X be a canonical and locally of finite type. Let X be a scheme. Let X be a scheme which is equal to the formal complex.

The following to the construction of the lemma follows.

Let X be a scheme. Let X be a scheme covering. Let

b : X \to Y' \to Y \to Y \to Y' \times_X Y \to X

be a morphism of algebraic spaces over S and Y.”

An example of computer-generated text trained on an algebraic geometry textbook, which include a hilariously messed-up attempt at drawing a commutative diagram. See also examples of computer-generated Shakespeare, Wikipedia articles, and C code:


Someone else took the same software and used it to generate novel folk music. Check out the traditional folk song Drike in the Sterthe Cunter House.


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