2018 March 23
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Current Stormy Daniels status/updates:

  1. The $130k settlement was ultimately paid by the Trump campaign (and laundered through the Trump organization through a series of 5 payments marked eg “Facility rental / catering services” that totaled $129,999.72). Michael Cohen has explicitly denied any involvement by the Trump campaign or organization. [1][2]
  2. Here is a podcast in which a lawyer discusses all the various ways that the settlement would be illegal if the “DD” of the settlement is Trump. [3]
  3. Michael Cohen’s lawyer explicitly stated that Trump is “DD”, and Sanders heavily implies it. [4][5]
  4. What’s upcoming: Trump supposedly has about 60 days to act in the ongoing court case, which would require admitting to being “DD”, and thus that the settlement was a violation of election financial disclosure laws etc. Failing to act would presumably void the settlement, and thus lead to the same outcome.

[1]  https://viewfromll2.com/2018/03/11/on-the-origins-of-stormy-danielss-130k-settlement-payment-and-the-probability-of-the-disbursement-records-matching-the-settleme

[2]  https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a19366207/michael-cohen-trump-lawyer/

[3]  Opening Arguments

Opening Arguments

[4]  https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/michael-cohens-lawyer-struggles-to-explain-stormy-daniels-agreement-in-explosive-interview-watch/

[5]  CNN

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