2018 April 04
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Just listened to the latest Opening Arguments podcast on the latest legal jeopardies of Trump:

  1. The Stormy Daniels case was moved to federal court, but in so doing Trump effectively admitted in court to being DD, thus making him vulnerable to the previously mentioned legal difficulties (violation of campaign contribution laws, and admission that Daniels possess material damaging to Trump that was enumerated in the original settlement, e.g. text messages and pictures). Daniels’ lawyer has filed a request for jury trial within 90 days to settle the question of whether the settlement and its arbitration clause are enforceable; notably whether an arbitration clause is legit is not something an arbitrator can decide. He also requested as part of discovery 2 hours sworn deposition with each Trump and Cohen and 10 documents; this is apparently a much smaller request than would be standard.
  2. The Maryland emoluments case was not dismissed, so will proceed to discovery. The plaintiffs have requested Trump’s tax returns, among other documents.
  3. With Alex van der Zwaan’s conviction and sentencing comes the news that he (and now Mueller) possessed tapes of Richard Gates (Trump’s then-deputy campaign manager) talking with someone that Gates knew was a Russian intelligence official.

Opening Arguments

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