2018 June 15
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On the subject of people pardoning themselves, in 1856 the governor of Washington Territory pardoned himself of a $50 fine he was levied by territorial judge Edward Lander for the offense of having Lander arrested twice (in retribution for unfavorable court findings).

We’ve known for a while that the Trump Foundation is a sham charity that Trump uses as a personal fund. Yesterday, it was indicted in state court for just that: “the Investigation revealed that the Foundation was little more than a checkbook for payments to not-for-profits from Mr. Trump or the Trump Organization. This resulted in multiple violations of state and federal law because payments were made using Foundation money regardless of the purpose of the payment. Mr. Trump used charitable assets to pay off the legal obligations of entities he controlled, to promote Trump hotels, to purchase personal items, and to support his presidential election campaign.”.

One of the new things in this indictment is a handwritten note, signed by Trump, ordering the foundation to pay $100k to cover a lawsuit Trump had settled – a lawsuit in which Trump had sued the other party for $25m.

Upcoming today: Paul Manafort will have his pretrial release from jail revoked due to witness tampering.



Opening Arguments

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