2019 May 15
originally posted on facebook

Seen in the index of a book: “Bears, combats with, 15, 26, 62, 75, 78, 90, 95, 106, 113, 118, 154, 169, 181, 188, 207, 213, 216; two men killed by a bear, 62; the crew made ill by eating a bear’s liver, 183”

Browsing through the book this seems to be the great minority of the bear encounters, which is apparently the main activity of interest.

From page 62: “a great leane white beare came sodainly stealing out, and caught one of them fast by the necke, who not knowing what it was that tooke him by the necke, cried out and said, Who is it that pulles me so by the necke? Wherewith the other, that lay not farre from him, lifted vp his head to see who it was, and perceiuing it to be a monsterous beare, cryed out and sayd, Oh mate, it is a beare! and therewith presently rose vp and ran away.”

Illustration from a different bear attack:


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