2019 November 07
originally posted on facebook

We’ve all seen how the executive branch has been gutted of qualified people from the top-down, with agency heads vowing to destroy their own agencies and senior-level officials with decades of experience being fired or quitting. Less visible, however, is that this gutting has extended deep into the executive branch to employees usually far removed from politicking.

As an example, here is a scientist at the USDA’s Economic Research Service explaining how their agency was relocated from DC to Missouri in retaliation for their scientific research (eg, their findings that food assistance is beneficial economically and that the 2017 tax cut disproportionately benefited wealthy farmers). This relocation caused more than 2/3 of the agency to quit, with whole research teams disappearing.

Below is video of Mick Mulvaney admitting that the goal of the relocation was to make people quit.

Washington Post


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