The trial in and of the Senate

2020 January 21

Following the impeachment vote last month in the House, today the trial will proceed in the Senate.

With the Senate standing at bat, the House has lobbed the slowest, easiest pitch, the most blatantly guilty criminal, directly over the center of home plate and said: I dare you to miss.

For who is really on trial in the coming weeks is not Trump, but the Senate itself as a democratic institution. With any child able to see Trump’s guilt, what remains to be decided is if the Senate will be complicit. Will the senators perform their sworn duty to the constitution? Or will the Senate vote for its own irrelevancy?

To acquit would be an indelible stain on the Senate, the blackest mark on its legacy, proof that the Senate can be corrupted to its core in service of dictatorial ambitions.

America watches to see if the Senate will hit the pitch, or throw away its bat.

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