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2022 September 12 · 3500 words
We can build on the core principles of the simplified model by looking at the many complexities introduced by nature
2022 September 05 · 3000 words
The influence of the atmosphere on incoming and outgoing light is immensely complicated – but we can understood the fundamental behavior by considering the simplest possible model
2022 August 29 · 2500 words
A simple balance of incoming and outgoing light determines the temperature of astronomical bodies lacking an atmosphere
2022 August 22 · 4000 words
A scientific explanation for why hot objects feel hot from a distance – the blackbody effect – lays the groundwork for understanding the balance regulating the Earth’s temperature.
2022 August 15 · 1500 words
Ozone is both toxic to breathe yet vital for human life. While ozone bears little relation to the greenhouse effect, the global response to the ozone hole is a model for addressing global warming.
2022 August 08 · 1500 words
How thick is the atmosphere and does it even have a top? Why does the atmosphere have distinct layers? A quick rundown on that stuff you breathe every few seconds.
2022 August 01 · 2500 words
Growing up, I was confused how summer warming exactly canceled winter cooling, as I lacked the physics background to understand how the Earth warms and cools. In this series, I first cover the requisite physics and then show the greenhouse effect as a consequence.