Support big name candidates by donating to down-ballot candidates

2020 October 08
originally posted on facebook

Something I wish I had been aware of already, which I learned from this astute article (from Chris K.):

Big name candidates in the US have long been saturated with political donations, and are not legally allowed to redirect funds to other campaigns. As a consequence, by far the most effective way to support big name candidates is to donate to down-ballot candidates with overlapping constituencies. Many of these state-level candidates are at a severe deficit to their Republican opponents!

The article walks through specific examples of this and has links to donate to recommended down-ballot candidates.

While Biden must win to prevent further sliding into an autocracy, 538 gives only a 68% chance of winning the Senate, which we need to do if there is to be any forward progress in the next 2 years. (And I imagine such forward progress is necessary to persuade any of the milquetoast centrists to actually stick with the Democrats 4 years from now.) At this point, investing in the Senate (via donating House and state candidates) seems a much more critical target for funds.

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