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2019 December 02

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The blog entries older than this one are items I originally posted to social media; most of these are just links with minimal commentary. So that you have no reason to go digging through the older posts, I’ve collected the most worthwhile bits and put them all in one place. You can find the most interesting links here. The most interesting non-link posts or posts too long to go into the list of links can be found below.

Calculating pi in Factorio

“2001: A Space King” and other videos I made

From the index of a book: “Bears, combats with”

Knife money

Volcanos with unusual lava

The planet Mercury

Non-zero electromagnetic effects even with zero electromagnetic field

The unreasonable effectiveness of recurrent neural networks

Lead poisoning part 1 part 2

Mormon senator discusses how he is loyal to the church before the US, and used his position to further church interests above his constituents.

Maximally symmetric 4-colorings of a pentagonal hexacontahedron

Governing the commons

Anti-nuclear hysteria

Mathematics made difficult

A little philosophy about beliefs

Markov chain text generator

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